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The "Doctoral Programmes on Metamaterials" (EUPROMETA) offer courses within the geographically distributed "International School on Metamaterials". A Consortium initiated by the members of the European Network of Excellence (NoE) METAMORPHOSE (and open to any international academic institution) has been established to operate and support the "Doctoral Programmes on Metamaterials". The Consortium also regulates the rules of student exchange, joint research, credit transfers, etc. between participating universities.

Research in metamaterials involves a wide spectrum of disciplines ranging from Applied Mathematics and Physics to Electrical and Electronic Engineering, from Chemistry to Materials Science, from Acoustics to Biophysics. Thus, the metamaterials research is indeed a truly multidisciplinary field spanning the area from basic theoretical and experimental research at universities to industrial production of a diverse array of electrical, microwave, infrared and optical materials and devices.

A comprehensive interdisciplinary research training program in this rapidly advancing field requires the co-operation of the leading international experts, and this was the driving idea underpinning the formation of this Consortium, which now operates under the auspices of the METAMORPHOSE VI AISBL.